Sport Camera Buying Tips

A few simple questions can help you determine which action sport video camera to purchase for yourself or as a gift. One of the first questions you are probably going to ask yourself might be: “How much does a sport camera cost?”. You may also want to know how easy your sport video camera is to use. Finally, you will probably want to know what the warranty covers?

If you are wondering how much a sport video camera costs, the answering is between $35 and $1000. Remember, you get what you pay for. A camera costing $35 is not going to have the best video quality, record time, or product lifetime. A sport video camera costing $1000, on the other hand, would more likely have better video quality, longer record times, and superior durability. A more expensive camera will also have available features such as GPS, Data Overlay, and High Definition video quality. Most action sport video camera kits are in the price range of $250 and $550. You will get the most value for your money if you purchase a camera with the features that most compliment your intended use.

Choosing a sport video cam that is easy to use is a key consideration when researching before a purchase. Wireless helmet cams make set up easy. There are no wires or cables to figure out or get in your way. Wireless camera are limited to under 3 hours record time unless powered from a outside source. However, a tethered sport camera like the VIO POV offers a view finder, extended recording times, and a remote control. Most sport video camera kits come with mounting hardware to easily and safely secure your camera. Choose a sport camera kit with the features and mounts that best suite your needs.

Reviewing the warranty on a camera brand is important. Most sports video camera manufacturers include a one year warranty against manufacturing defects. This does not cover smashing your helmet cam into a tree or hitting the payment head first. Most sport video camera are water resistant, not waterproof. Make sure the camera you chose will be covered by the warranty for your intended use.

Answering a few simple questions will help prepare you to purchase the correct sport video camera. Remember to consider the product’s warranty, ease of use, and price when selecting a video cam to record your action sports outings. Don’t forget: you get what you pay for.